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Hi, I am Kelly Bampton - Owner and Operator of KB Infinity Support. 

I am married to Craig (Business Partner) and have 3 children, a dog, a cat and two beautiful grandsons. We moved to Australia from the UK in 2010 and have lived on the amazing Sunshine Coast ever since. 

I have worked in the care industry from a very young age and have now clocked up over 25 years experience between the UK and my time here in Australia.  I have had the privilege of working with many mentors over the years, who have had strong values when it has come to providing services to adults/ children that have a disability. 

I founded KB Infinity Support to create something our wonderful participants can be proud to be a part of and for myself and my staff to make a genuine difference in the lives of those we support. Quality over Quantity, is definitely a key for KB Infinity Support!!

Qualifications: Cert III in Allied Health Assistance, Cert IV in Disability, Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management, Diploma of Disability, plus a whole host of qualifications and course certificates from the United Kingdom.


Craig Bampton - KB Infinity Support

Hi, I am Craig Bampton and Co-Owner of KB Infinity Support. 

Together with my wife Kelly, we started KB Infinity Support in early 2020. After years of watching Kelly excel in this industry, she wanted to go out on her own and provide services of the highest quality to NDIS Participants. Since we launched the business on 1st April 2020, we have never looked back. 

Although husband and wife owned businesses can be challenging, both myself and Kelly have very differing areas of expertise. Kelly is the best carer/ support person there is and her wealth of knowledge serves as the best lesson to all of the staff that work for us. 

I am responsible for all of the 'business' aspects of KB Infinity Support. From running the accounts, to creating our website and marketing material, I focus on the behind the scenes stuff and allow Kelly and our fantastic team of Support Workers to provide the most incredible support network for our amazing participants. 


Sarah O'Brien - KB Infinity Support

Hi there - I'm Sarah O'Brien and I joined the amazing KB infinity Support team as an Administration Officer in June 2022. I'm a born and bred Queenslander, growing up in Brisbane however due to my love of travel and adventure I moved to London in my early twenties on a 2 year working VISA. After returning to Australia I decided to try something new and move to Melbourne, VIC which was my home for 13 years having met my husband. We then moved to the humble town of Geelong before finally coming back to the Sunshine State to raise our beautiful baby boy and be closer to family (and thaw out from many years living in VIC and abroad)!

I absolutely love being back in QLD, in particular the beautiful Sunshine Coast - I especially love the beaches and the outdoors which is where you will find me on my weekends. 

I've been in the administration industry for over twenty years however this is my first stint working in healthcare which I'm absolutely loving as I'm learning so much each and every day. The KBIS team certainly make it easy to enjoy along with my genuine passion for people. 

So if you have any admin related queries, please don't be shy and reach out!


Mari Pye - KB Infinity Support

Hi, I am Mari Pye - Senior Support Co-ordinator for KB Infinity Support

I was born in Sweden, but moved on my own 20+ years ago to seek the sunshine and beautiful beaches of Australia. Growing up with 2 disabled family members, I learned early to be an advocate for them and to help them access the wider community. One of my first regular jobs was then naturally in a caring position working in aged care.


I first got into the disability industry over 20 years ago, before having my first child. I worked initially with physical disability, but soon merged into a more varied role working with people of all ages with both physical and intellectual disabilities. I regularly work on improving my skills in every way I can think of, that may benefit my position through courses and training.


Qualifications: Cert IV in Disability, Diploma of Community Welfare, Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management, Cert III in Fitness & Personal Training, Cert III in Office Administration.


Emily Poulton - KB Infinity Support

Hi, my name is Emily. I have just embarked on my journey as a Support Worker after studying and travelling for the last 5 years. 


I grew up in Kilcoy, 1 hour west of the Sunshine Coast. Throughout high school I completed a Vet Nursing traineeship where I then worked full time for another 5 years whilst living in beautiful Kings Beach. I then moved down to Byron Bay, where I continued Vet Nursing for another 2 years before moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East for 6 months. Here I also Vet Nursed, although my patients were a little different! 


On return to Australia, I completely flipped the switch and drove across the country in a 1991 Troop Carrier to live and work in one of the most remote places in Australia, the Kimberley on the Gibb River Road. Here I worked in a remote community store for approx. 4 years and had the privilege to witness the country change throughout the wet and dry seasons as well as seeing Aboriginal rock art that only a few get to view, swam in stunning rivers and gorges, hiked and 4wdriving with my friends that became family, along with so many other amazing adventures that I’m so grateful to have lived. 


Throughout this time, I studied a Bachelor of Social Welfare which I have now completed! On return to QLD for Christmas, I felt I needed to stay home for a while, and a friend who is also a Support Worker for KB recommended I speak to Kelly about Support Working. I’m so happy I took this step and feel very “at home” in this role. I feel very aligned to all of the values that KB uphold and I am looking forward to continuing to grow and evolve in this role!


Maja Botic.png

Hi, my name is Maja and Im originally from Slovenia. Ive been living in Australia permanently for nearly 7 years. Before I permanently moved here I used to be a ski instructor and I worked in Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Slovenia and Italy. Between the winter seasons I enjoyed traveling to different places around the world. Ive always been a very active and outdoorsy person and still am with my little family.

I hold a Bachelor Degree for Teaching - particularly in special needs. I love to learn new things and teaching in some way has always been my passion.

Ive been a support worker since I permanently moved to Australia so for about 6.5 years and Ive been really enjoying it. I came across some wonderful people and Ive learnt so many new things. Being a support worker is very fulfilling for me as I can support people living as freely as possible and brings a lot of joy when people I support achieve their goals. 

I really enjoy being a part of KB Infinity Support for the last 2 years and I love that Im encouraged and supported to grow and learn with them. This year I got offered to be the Team Leader for one of the SIL houses which I feel very pleased about and hope to do great.

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