The team at KB Infinity Support are highly qualified and experienced in the Disability Support Sector. However the most important asset they all have is the desire and ability to improve and change the lives of the participants they support on a daily basis. See below for details and background on each of our team members ..........


Hi, I am Kelly Bampton - Owner and Operator of KB Infinity Support. 

I am married to Craig (Business Partner) and have 3 children, 2 dogs and a beautiful baby grandson. We moved to Australia from the UK almost 10 years ago and have lived on the beautiful Sunshine Coast ever since. 

I have worked in the care industry from a very young age and have now clocked up over 20 years experience between the UK and my time here in Australia.  I have had the privilege of working with many mentors over the years, who have had strong values when it has come to providing services to adults/ children that have a disability. 

I have started KB Infinity Support to create something our wonderful participants can be proud to be a part of and for myself and my staff to make a genuine difference in the lives of those we support. Quality over Quantity, is definitely a key for KB Infinity Support!!

Qualifications: Cert III in Allied Health Assistance, Cert IV in Disability, Diploma of Disability, plus a whole host of qualifications and course certificates from the United Kingdom.

Hi, I am Mari Pye - Senior Support Co-ordinator for KB Infinity Support

I was born in Sweden, but moved on my own 24 years ago to seek the sunshine and beautiful beaches of Australia. Growing up with 2 disabled family members, I learned early to be an advocate for them and to help them access the wider community. One of my first regular jobs was then naturally in a caring position working in aged care. I first got into the disability industry 18 years ago, before having my first child. I worked initially with physical disability, but soon merged into a more varied role working with people of all ages with both physical and intellectual disabilities. I regularly work on improving my skills in every way I can think of, that may benefit my position through courses and training. 

I am now a mother of 4 and work full-time, plus also run a gym with my husband offering Muay Thai (Martial Arts) and fitness classes to the wider community. I have finally been able to realise a long standing dream of mine to combine the two jobs I love, through offering fitness and self defence classes for people with disabilities. 

Qualifications: Cert IV in Disability, Diploma of Community Welfare, Cert III in Fitness & Personal Training, Cert III in Office Administration

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Hi, I am Damian Murdoch and I am a Support Worker for KB Infinity Support. 

I have worked in the Disability Industry for almost 5 years now and absolutely love it. My work brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to my life.

When I am not working in disabilities, I am working in my own business, World Class Friend, which specialises in helping people take charge of anxiety so they can go on to achieve their dreams. I am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and this is what I love to bring to my disability work as well. 

When not working, you can often find me at the Noosa Tigers Football Club (AFL), where I'm the Player Development and Welfare Coach. AFL, health & fitness and music (Triple J) are my main passions, along with listening to podcasts on anything mindset related.

Qualification: Anxiety Management Specialist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnosis, Results Acceleration Coach

Hi, I am Ulrikke Corte, also named Kiki  and I am Support worker for KB Infinity Support.

I am married to Jordan and we have a beautiful son and crazy cat who keeps us busy. We moved from Belgium to Australia about 4 years ago. After falling in love with the Sunshine coast I can confirm this is the place we want to call home.


With more then 5 years of experience in the care industry I can say that this is something I am very passionate about. I keep learning every day from my amazing clients. I would like to add on many more years working with people who have individual needs to give them the support they need and deserve.


Qualifications: Cert III Individual support, disability care (Australia) & Diploma youth and disability care (Belgium)

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Hi, my name is Jennifer Barnett, call me Jennifer or Jennie. I have been married to Noel for 33 years and have 3 adult children. A son in Canada, a son at home and a daughter in Brisbane. We moved from Sydney 30 years ago, after our first son was born, to give our children a better environment to grow up in. We lived in Eumundi for 10 years then moved to the coast for the beachy lifestyle.

I went back to work when all my kids were in school, in retail to start with and when they reached teenage years, I knew I needed more knowledge and insight into the young mind. I decided to study Counselling and worked in a Mentoring program for young people at risk, at the local High School. After a year working in the school, I knew I wanted to work with young people and so I completed a Cert IV in Youth Work. Struggling to find paid work in this industry I then completed a Cert IV in Disability Support to work with young people with disabilities. 

I have now worked in disability support for 7 years and it has been a wonderful journey. 


Qualifications: Cert IV Disability Support; Cert IV Youth Work; Diploma Counselling;  Cert II Mentoring in the Community; Certificate of Attainment in Suicide Prevention in the Workplace.

Hi my name is Luisa Montanaro and I am a Disability Support Worker for KB Infinity.


My partner of over 20 years and I moved to Australia from the UK in 2017 to provide a better lifestyle for our two children. We first lived in Sydney and we were there for just over 2 and a half years and then we decided to move to the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


I grew up caring for my mum who had a disability so I learned very early on empathy and compassion. I have been working in the disability industry for over 15 years now with Children and Adults. I am very passionate about my work and I love to help others in anyway I can and to make a difference in someone’s life. 


I love taking my dog for long walks along the beach. I also like to go on bike rides and my family and I have recently started roller skating which I enjoy.


I have studied my certificate 3 in early education and I have been on various courses in the UK and during my time in Sydney. I’m always keen to learn and I would now like to start studying my disability 4 online. I feel very lucky and grateful to be apart of the KB Infinity family.

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My name is Andie Hipwood. I am 28 years old and have grown up on the Sunshine Coast - although since leaving school I have spent most of my time working and travelling overseas. 

I enjoy being outdoors and around animals, eating too much food and having a good laugh. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Support Worker. I believe it is the most perfect career choice for me. 


Working for KB Infinity has been such a positive experience so far and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else - the level of compassion and skill that the team provides is so motivating and I am just grateful to be  a part of such a beautiful group of people. It has been wonderful seeing the progress and growth of the individuals we provide our services to. 

Hi. My name is Madi Rogers. I am a 24 year old Disability Support Worker for KB Infinity. I was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and can't imagine living anywhere else. I am currently about to finish my Psychology Degree next semester at USC and am so excited to be able to utilise my degree within the disability sector. 

I have a lovely partner of 5 years, Jack - who also works for KB Infinity - and 2 gorgeous dogs, Delilah and Luna, that always manage to be getting up to something shifty. I have a beautiful 28 year old sister with a mental disability, so I have grown up around disabilities and have learnt some incredibly important skills which I am able to apply through my work and everyday life. 

I am extremely passionate about my work and try to create a space of support, compassion and joy for every person I encounter and being a part of KB Infinity has enabled me to do just that. I've never felt more supported by a company as an employee and have never enjoyed a job as much as I have this one. After completing my degree this year, I plan to undertake a Certificate III in Disability Support to further progress my knowledge and skill set.

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