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Community Participation is about meeting people with similar interests and joining in social and community activities. 

It means going where others go, doing what others do, with other people and choosing activities you enjoy. 

Social and Community Participation also means different things to different people. It can include going to your local cafe, joining a local sports team, travelling on the bus with a friend, getting work experience and/ or volunteering. 

Social and Community Participation is it can:

- help you feel included and connected to others

- give you opportunities to build relationships with friends

- grow your social networks and help you feel more included

- increase your confidence and build your ability to participate with your peers

- help you develop skills to be more independent and feel safe in your community

- build skills and relationships that help with getting a job

- help you find activities you enjoy doing

At KB Infinity Support, we have been able to create a beautiful community for our participants and enjoy supporting them in their social activities such as Disability Sailing, Art Therapy Classes and now with our new 'Amazing Space' facility, we can offer even more and create an even larger local community for NDIS participants on the Sunshine Coast. 

Community Participation Support Sunshine Coast
Community Support - Maroochydore
KBIS - Community Spirit and Inclusion
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